Personal Injury

In 2010, the Provincial Government increased the cap on insurance claims for minor injuries suffered in auto accidents to $7,500.00.  Since 2010, the cap has been adjusted for inflation and, in 2017, it was set at $8,486.00.

This cap only applies to accidents on or after April 28, 2010, and is not retroactive. Minor injuries now include a strain, sprain, or whiplash-associated injury that leaves no long-term impairment or pain.  However, the increased “cap” does not cover wage losses or those injuries which significantly impacted a person’s life one year post-accident. It is, therefore, imperative that before settling your claim with an insurance company you speak with a lawyer.  David G. Barrett will be pleased to meet with you to discuss your personal injury claim, without charge.

The following are our personal-injury law services :

Motor-vehicle accidents
Slip and falls
Wrongful death claims
Civil assaults